City pride shirts that assume the worst

  1. "Montgomery, It's better than you think"
    What was I supposed to think? What do most people think? Are you saying- "Bad news first: Montgomery does in fact suck just like you're thinking, but on the other side Good news: it doesn't suck to the exact level you were thinking"
  2. "Don't Dis Gusta"
    I can infer that the cool locals never spell out the whole word Augusta- that would be lame. But I didn't know I was "dissing" Augusta until now. Now I know for a fact that August must be dissed. They did something at some point very dis-worthy and this tshirt is part of their selfish campaign to leave dis-dom for higher aspirations. I need more info to just let go of my newfound dis, and merely saying "Don't" won't be enough.