1. Although he is the classic "good role model" Wolnski, I have seen him swear.... just a few times... and usually for really good reasons... ok I guess still a good role model, damn it
  2. If Kyle Mooney and Jerry Seinfeld teamed up and made an iPhone ap group game, we'd all be forced to download it and play it at TND forever
  3. If he could clone himself into 20 Josephs, they could be the whole Shades Valley worship team, on 8 instruments, while running sound, and building the actual seats people are sitting on, and our church would probably double in size
  4. He's probably somewhat uncomfortable right now that I made a list about him
  5. His amount of frozen pizzas in his freezer is inversely proportional to his relationship with Rachael
  6. When he gives life advice, those words have so much weight to them. Maybe it's because of the way he lives or maybe it's because you know he wouldn't say anything without thinking about it a long time first, but they stick with you.
  7. I feel lucky to be his friend