1. Once on highway 280 near summit- police man gave me ride to gas station, definitely caused some traffic situations.
  2. Once on Highway 65, driving back from Mobile to Birmingham, with my sister. We walked on highway about 15 min before getting a ride with strangers. Somehow Lydia never hated me for that.
  3. Once early in the morning in my own driveway in Southside. It was about 20 degrees outside. I walked half a mile with gas can both ways.
  4. Once after an evening meeting downtown followed by a friend's birthday hang out at a bar approaching midnight. My cell phone died. I walked 3 miles to a gas station still open. Restarted my phone. Made one last call. Neighbor drove me back to car.
  5. Once in English village at my apartment before work. But at least that time I had Instagram...
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