A handful of stories drive the day for American politics. These are the top five.
  1. Who oh who will it be?
    http://politi.co/1WRaMoC Politico says Republicans are in a full court press to entice Paul Ryan into the Speaker's spot. Some are saying Boehner could stay. Or will there be an interim Speaker while the GOP figures things out?
  2. What, you don't want this job?
    http://huff.to/1WRbZw8 Tons of speculation about why Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the Speaker's race, but none more salacious than rumors of an affair.
  3. A new clue suggests Biden might run.
    http://nyr.kr/1jfntvs Ryan Lizza, writing for the New Yorker, reads the tea leaves on the inevitability of a Biden run. Politico, for its part, says rumor is the announcement will NOT come before the first Democratic debate.
  4. Ted Cruz puts up big fundraising numbers
    http://politi.co/1jfnv6y In the ongoing GOP search for a legitimate nominee, it's not lost that Ted Cruz raised $12.2 million in the third quarter. Naturally, he took the opportunity to go on the offense against Trump.
  5. You down with TPP??
    http://bit.ly/1WRc9nm The Washington Post Ed Board calls HRC on her flip-flop over TPP. Meanwhile, Chris Cillizza writes that her move exposes her true vulnerabilities and fear of Sanders. http://wapo.st/1ZdlRCI