1. Susan Lucci weighs about 88 pounds
  2. Elizabeth Vargas's entire job on 20/20 can be summed up as: make shocked & judgey faces at the camera like a cartoon character
  3. Oh wait I think I do the same thing as Elizabeth Vargas on every single Housewives Reunion
  4. Oh double wait -- this makes me as much of a "journalist" as fancy pants Vargas thinks she is.
  5. Janet Jackson wasn't being ironic or nostalgic when she re-teamed with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis AGAIN. The album is actually good!
  6. Ron Howard is as nice and awesome and aw shucks as you imagined
  7. I broadcasted live from my Radio Andy launch party for three straight hours and was happier doing that than mingling around the party
  8. DJ Lina is so fucking good
  9. My friends are very loyal
  10. I love eating at a counter