Isn't it time you bought #TheAndyCohenDiaries in paperback?
  1. Genesis - she is not a stripper, I asked
  2. Brittnie - speaks for itself, and so did she
  3. Rhonda and Herb- ok I always love a Rhonda because they are usually nuts and Rhonda told me she has the sexiest wonky eye in Miami! Herb nodded in agreement!
  4. Marcos and Carlos- homosexual Latinos!
  5. Arika - a new twist on a classic made famous by La Lucci
  6. Jacki - I'll buy it
  7. Kimmy Wimmy - flirty! Childlike!
  8. Jenny Poo Poo - she came with Kimmy Wimmy!
  9. Murisa - an even MORE phonetic way to spell Marisa!
  10. Latarsha - speaks for itself
  11. Bert and Stan - a male/female duo. I called Stan Bert, but it turned out the gal was named Bert. Folly ensued!