1. A lady made me a ceramic sculpture of Wacha's head using only dental tools!
  2. Two Australians separately gave me their numbers with notes that both said "drinks later??" (Probably not happening but they were nice guys)
  3. I got six resumes and three business cards
  4. Lots of cute, sweet gay guys!
  5. Three very passionate Trans gals pitched me a Transgender version of "Real Housewives"
  6. I sneezed on my sleeve and got snot on it, in front of a lot of people
  7. Lots of cute, sweet ladies!
  8. There is an older southern lady who comes to all of my local book signings, sits in the front row, and presents me with some kind of astrological chip. Then disappears. She did it again tonight! Seems v nice mixed with a lil AHS
  9. Two Linda's who spell their name Lynda
  10. A Christine who spelled her name Kristeene