I interviewed DP for a Radio Andy Town Hall that'll air next Friday
  1. Static
  2. On the way I saw every variety of corn dog including sausages wrapped in pancake batter!!
  3. Big belt buckles!
  4. Museum featuring Dolly's awards, clothes, TV clips and newspaper headlines
  5. Dolly's old bus with has a mirror over her bed, two toilets, and a little tub that fits Dolly!
  6. Dolly herself was wearing a red and yellow top which harkened back to McDonalds even though she said her favorite is Taco Bell. Her miniskirt had a lot of colors and she had five inch red high heels on
  7. I did extensive shopping at two gift shops and bought mugs, key chains, shirts, a country cook book (dolly said she can cook but doesn't follow recipes) and more crap that I can't remember. Oh a hoody.
  8. I rode a roller coaster and got to sit in the front. It was kinda scary. I opted out of Dolly's Splash Mountain.
  9. I didn't get to meet any of Dolly's relatives even though many of them work in the park.
  10. I changed planes home in Charlotte and the airport was full of super hot guys. A sausage fest in the best way! Kinda like the sausage I saw on the way to Dollywood, but better quality.