My second 4:45 am pickup of the week will represent my lame first non-beta list. I am better than this list, but we all have to plant a flag sometime......
  1. Some lady called my home phone at 4 to see if I was "The Bravo Guy". I said no. Then she called back to say she didn't believe me. I said that was fine and hung up.
  2. Basically made love to my dog without any bestiality, just the love part
  3. Got in car. Asked driver to play 102 on Sirius but it was all too complicated and I Instead played WordChums
  4. TSA Lady asked me when I was gonna make her a Real Housewife of Jersey and I realized she asked me the same question two weeks ago. I said it was good we were getting to know each other.
  5. Bought a "special" "Stars at Home" issue of Architectural Digest for 12.99 and cursed myself for wasting my money. Pretended to accidentally drop penny on floor.
  6. At the next newsstand, bought a "special Madonna collectors edition" of Rolling Stone for another 12.99. Left penny on counter. Cursed myself for wasting 26 dollars on "special issues"
  7. At my gate, ogled this dude in a teeny white tee shirt and Chicago Bulls hat until he noticed and I, shamed, pretended to be engrossed in my AD special issue.
  8. Tucked in to go back to bed, twenty six dollars poorer.