I'm bad at love, I'm worse at Tinder.
  1. Kacie
    Always can match a Casey, but that K is a whole other ballpark.
  2. Kelsey
    Maybe Kelsey Grammar, but in telling you, the Ks don't fix with me.
  3. Blair
    She went to Ivy Leagues, she's beautiful, she loves her family, but not me.
  4. Jojo
    She lives by the beach, she's a free spirit, we've never met.
  5. Smokey
    Chola bartender from Highland Park. She has three children, pero todavia no.
  6. Imani
    Beautiful, but I should know better. She used to date Childish Gambino.
  7. Suga-T
    Dropped a famous verse on E-40's Sprinkle Me, dropped nothing on me.
  8. Noor
    Persian princess. I imagine going to Hookah bars in Westwood with her. We don't.
  9. Olivia
    This is a girl from my AA meeting. I've deleted my account and reopened it because I accidentally swiped left. Found her, we didn't match.
  10. Grunk
    Lives in the LA river, has a pet badger. She once pushed me off my bike for making eye-contact. I have no idea where she charges her phone.