I took a trip to Jackson Hole to keep my airline status. No one else on the flight was worried about their status.
  1. Isn't he starting a gin distillery downtown with his cousins?
  2. You know Miller Winchester, right?
    This apparently is a person.
  3. I'm really excited about the meditation app I'm developing.
  4. Sorry for whatever happens next.
    This was regarding the people speaking's children.
  5. You're gonna have to sleep in an 8 bedroom house all by yourself?
  6. The whole ride is gonna be pretty bumpy, the descent is going to be bumpier.
    Said by the captain.
  7. Where's the bar?!
    Said by a man that had what I could only call a cowboy mustache re: bumpy landing.
  8. Welcome to Jackson Hole, if you valeted your baggage will be waiting in your car.