1. Shirley MacLaine
    Don was good friends with Warren Beatty. You know how the rest of this goes.
  2. Marilyn Monroe
    It happened. She did it right after JFK. It went JFK then Draper. Great 1-2 punch by her.
  3. Audrey Hepburn
    Don knew the director that cast her in Breakfast At Tiffanys. She thanked Don by banging him. Class act that Aubrey.
  4. Sophia Loren
    Don would travel to Italy. He always set up Loren for when he was in Italy. Smart dude. Also before cell phones so he had it all planned out.
  5. Julie Andrews
    Don tried to cast Julie Andrews for a commercial. She didn't get it. She got something else (his dick).
  6. Angela Landsbury
    Landsbury was in love with Draper. Called him all the time. Don didn't like that.
  7. Jane Fonda
    Don was the last guy she banged before Ted Turner.
  8. Maggie Smith
    Don never learned her name. It was to normal for him to remember the names of women he had been with. With Maggie Smith he never did.
  9. Ruby Dee
    He thought she was really cool. Also she could drink more whiskey then Don and he loved that.
  10. Lynn Redgrave
    Lynn was a friend of Roger's actually. Roger knew her dad. Don took it from there.
  11. Brigitte Bardot
    This was Don's great white whale. He did it but only once.
  12. Rita Moreno
    Only person on this list to win an Oscar, Emmy, a Tony and a Grammy and also bang Don Draper.