1. Charlize Theron in That Thing You Do!
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  2. Sam Raimi in Indian Summer.
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    Top left, top left!
  3. Jeremy Piven in Say Anything.
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    Thus beginning an inexplicable and lifelong passion for Jeremy Piven.
  4. Jenny Lewis & Carla Gugino in Troop Beverly Hills.
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    "Introducing Jenny Lewis."
  5. Bradley Cooper in Sex & The City.
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  6. Usher in She's All That.
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  7. Elisabeth Moss in that Excedrin commercial.
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    I swear this still pops up on TV every few years.
  8. Jeffrey Tambor in M*A*S*H
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    Suggested by @celine
  9. Nicolas Cage in fast times at ridgemont high
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    Suggested by @shirleykurata