Not Murray Hill. That's like people who say they're from LA but really they're from Long Beach.
  1. Pete's Tavern.
    The oldest tavern in the city. Solid bar food, outdoor seating AND a jukebox.
  2. Casa Mono.
    Great date spot, but call well in advance.
  3. Plug Uglies.
    The diviest of dives. Shuffleboard included.
  4. Beecher's Cheese.
    Cheeses, meats, chocolates, etc. One stop shop for a quick snack or a gift.
  5. Rose Bar at The GPH.
    I used to go here a lot in 2007, mainly because Jeremy Piven was always there and I loved him. (Don't judge.) Still a classic neighborhood spot. Pool table & a's particularly cozy in the winter.
  6. Friend of a Farmer.
    Still has an inexplicable 45 minute wait every weekend during brunch, but it's always a solid choice. I don't really do well in lines, so I tend to go for dinner.
  7. One Lucky Duck.
    I typically don't subscribe to the vegan thing, but they make the most amazing Banana Nut smoothie of all time. Pretty sure they stopped paying their rent and had to close down but I'm hoping they reopen soon. In the mean time, there's also a Chelsea Market location.
  8. Lamarca
    Simple and delicious soups, pastas and cheeses. It's like a severely edited Joan's on Third. Nicest staff of all time and you can eat dinner for under $10. Cash only.