1. Boss is out of town, I'm definitely leaving work early.
  2. My tights are cutting off my circulation, must change into something more comfortable.
  3. Everything is in the laundry. Jeans, more jeans, and one pair of black velour Juicy sweats are available to me. The answer here is clear.
  4. Have to walk the dog. It was so much warmer out this evening than I thought. Definitely don't need my coat. A light sweater should do!
  5. Black velour Juicy jacket sits on top of my sweater pile. I resist the urge to put it on.
  6. A hole in the jacket catches my eye, and I remember: It came from someone's errant cigarette, during senior year of college, at Church Street Bar in Oxford, Ohio.
  7. This memory makes me smile. I put on the jacket with pride and long for the days I could unapologetically wear Juicy jackets out in public.