1. Do I create my lists with myself in mind, or others? And if it's for myself (for example: Movies I need to see before the Oscars or, Shit I need to do this weekend), what's the benefit of doing it in List App VS my iPhone notepad?
  2. Can I make private lists for myself or for a selection of my followers? (This is assuming I eventually get more than the 1 I currently have)
  3. Can I edit / add to a list after it's already been published?
  4. How can someone (i.e. @Lilysaltz ) request a list that I haven't published yet? Does that mean she can see my unfinished draft? If SO, then what is the point of the draft box!
  5. Addendum to the last question: What does it even mean when someone requests your list?
  6. Am I more confused than the average user?