I jumped on the bandwagon late. I have three episodes left. I could watch them tonight but don't think I'm mentally prepared to say goodbye.
  1. Coach Taylor's wisdom, Tammi Taylor's hair.
  2. Buddy Garrity's candor.
  3. Tim Riggins, in general.
  4. Wondering if there has ever been a more accurate portrayal of first love than the one between Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor.
  5. Wondering if there has ever been a worse acting performance than Minka Kelly's in season 1.
  6. Feeling a disproportionate amount of guilt for having had #5 cross my mind.
    She really did get better as the seasons went on.
  7. Frantically searching IMDB mid-episode to find out whatever happened to all of these actors.
    Except Jesse Plemons. He's everywhere.
  8. Promising myself that one day, I really will try to understand the game of football.
  9. Using the show as an avenue to channel all of my real life feelings.
  10. Spending time with characters I have come to love deeply.
    Texas forever!