I'm a connoisseur of the Instagram Animal and you can really trust me here.
  1. This woman outside Seattle takes in kittens to foster and raises them until they're old and healthy enough to be adopted. Her account is mostly videos of frolicking kittens. Every month or two she gets a new batch. I honestly can think of a more perfect Instagram account.
  2. A trio of shibas in Japan whom I refer to as "the three bros." they're very odd and occasionally comically menacing.
  3. Evil Himalayan siblings named Bonnie and Clyde. The fluff is unreal. They have a couple Boston terrier brothers they terrorize on the reg.
  4. Percy is the sweetest fluffy orange lion cat who writes his Instagram posts in the form of a diary entry. I just want to hug him all day.
  5. Loki is a vampire cat! I don't know what is wrong with his mouth--maybe just a really intense overbite?--but he's the cutest, least scary little vampire you'll ever see.
  6. Albus is a wizard.
  7. Hot. Dudes. With. Dogs.
  8. Why is Miru mad all the time? We'll never know! Maybe her brother Garu and new baby sister Haru disrupt the charmed life she was meant to lead.
  9. Cooper has one of the most serious little faces you'll ever see on a cat--he seems perpetually thoughtful. He, like Percy, is another little guy I just want to hug all day.
  10. Scuba freaked me out at first but now I'm smitten. You will be too (and her brother Shadow).
  11. Marron was my introduction to the great world of Animal Instagram. She's the shiba Kardashian.