1. You can cry wherever you want
  2. You can eat anything you want at almost any time except for Mexican food
  3. New Yorkers are super convinced they have good Mexican food which is actually something I hate about New York but it's also kind of cute in the way someone you don't like is cute when they're wearing a good outfit
  4. There is art everywhere
  5. It's the consumerist capital of the world and I love buying shit
  6. It has weather (San Francisco doesn't have weather)
  7. Halal carts
  8. Brownstones
  9. Subway rats (I like them if they're in the tracks and not on the platform)
  10. Bodega culture
  11. The accent
  12. Lea restaurant in Brooklyn
  13. How easy it is to get everywhere
  14. My neighborhood, Kensington and ditmas park
  15. My new couch, which I bought at a west elm in Chelsea
  16. My new apartment which has built in air conditioners and a huge laundry room and a roof deck and most importantly allows pets
  17. How much walking I do here
  18. How anxious and busy everyone is
  19. My New York based friends
  20. That I am finally here.