1. Dancing with people
  2. Dancing with dogs
  3. Dancing with cats
  4. Dancing or otherwise chillin with other animals I guess
  5. Shopping for mansur gavriel bags
  6. Purchasing Oscar de la renta floral boots
  7. Vanquishing my enemies
  8. Singing loudly
  9. Perhaps having crazy sex
  10. Putting a deposit on my dream apartment
  11. Spotting Chrissy teigen (my celeb fave) across the room and being like yo and she's like hey man and I'm like wanna do tequila shots and she's like duh so we do tequila shots
  12. Arguing with my little sister about whether or not Jane Austen is overrated
  13. Chillin with my dude while he sings my praises and makes me shakshuka
  14. Sleeping