1. Do I have something in my teeth?
  2. Do I have bad breath?
  3. Did I just start my period and everyone can see?
  4. Am I pregnant?
  5. Did I somehow get an STD from the air?
  6. Why doesn't anyone else wash their hands after they pee?
  7. Am I a failure?
  8. Will people at this public place think/know I am pooping in this restroom?
  9. Is this new beauty product ruining my skin?
  10. Does my boyfriend still love me?
  11. Why don't I have more friends?
  12. Will I be broke forever?
  13. Am I fat?/do my thighs look huge in this?/do these really tight jeans give me camel toe?/do my boobs look weird?/why can't I just be skinny?
  14. Am I a bad writer?
  15. Is someone going to murder me someday?
  16. Did everyone mute me on Twitter?