10 Female Musical Artists I Couldn't Live Without

Chosen by most time spent listening. No particular order. Inspired by @culture_czar
  1. Aimee Mann
    My all time favorite forever.
  2. Joni Mitchell
  3. Heart ❤️
    Obsessed with these two back in the day.
  4. Liz Phair
    This album is the first thing I grab on a solo road trip. https://youtu.be/-I2i5cPHgW8 You want a female anthem? Listen to these lyrics.
  5. Lisa Loeb
    Such an amazing lyricist. And she's so cute 🤓
  6. Sara Bareilles
  7. Madonna
    Like a virgin Madonna not menopause Madonna.
  8. Jennifer Lopez
    Another one I spent many hours listening to. Not sure anyone considers her a great singer but she's got something-good production and catchy tunes? 🤔
  9. Amy Winehouse
    Why Amy. Why.
  10. Faith Hill
    This Kiss 💋