1. People on li.st read books wayyyyy more than I do.
  2. Li.sters listen to music wayyyy more than I do.
  3. As much as I adore discovering new movies and TV shows, I'll never be able to watch it all.
    And believe me, I've tried!
  4. Learning that people from all over the world can connect in a social media world and on a deeper level than I could have EVER imagined.
  5. With all the things there are to think about in the world, li.st has made me realize how political I am.
    Thank you to all the voices here who've taught me points of view I never heard on other platforms.
  6. Having the perception, at least, of engaging with people in the entertainment world is rather invigorating.
    Emphasis on the word 'perception' 😉
  7. You guys are funny!! And super smart and I can't believe we're all doing this with no financial compensation!!!
    Some of you need to copyright your intellectual property. 💰
  8. I can't go more than two days without checking in! This app is the most addictive damn thing I've ever experienced.
    And I do not have an addictive personality. Or do I? 😕
  9. Reading your li.sts has actually made me more witty.
    This isn't bragging. I surprise myself sometimes even if I think my best li.sts are behind me 😉
  10. I love you guys!! I can't believe how much.
    Everyone I've interacted with-laughed with, cried with and learned from, thank you. More than you know. 💝