Currently have a broker searching the real estate market and it's starting to get real.
  1. NO more mortgage.
    Home prices are 2/3 as much as what our home is worth. An extra $1,000 every month is a very attractive incentive.
  2. Better 'good hair' days.
    Tho Austin is still humid, it's lower than Eureka.
  3. Airport proximity.
    Giphy downsized medium
    We have an airport. The problem is using it-add about $800 round trip for two people to fly out of our one gate terminal. Convenient but unaffordable. Hey let's go to Tatooine instead!!
  4. Coffee, food, Trader Joe's, BBQ, and Buc-ee's.
    Ok, probably won't be shopping at Buc-ee's on the reg but if I'm ever wanting 15 varieties of Icee on a hot Texas day, I know where to go.
  5. Did I mention the humidity?
    No more dehumidifier. Yes, dehumidifier-we want to take water OUT of the air where most people are doing the opposite. Ditto lower electricity turning off machines in every closet.
  6. Music venues EVERYWHERE 🎶
    The ACL Music Festival every October. Sixth Street 24/7. Even Alabama Shakes meets Texas.
  7. Speed limit. Or 'what speed limit' you might say.
    They drive hella fast in Texas and I could get used to that.
  8. Centrally located.
    Less than three hours to fly from Texas to SF or Disneyland or NYC or WDW or Canada or Mexico.
  9. Close to family.
    Everyone seems to be moving to Texas. But mainly my kid will be here after he finishes his masters program. 🎓
  10. Some tax breaks too boring to go into here.
    Ron explains it all.
  11. My biggest concern? It gets really fking hot.
    Only 3 months out of the year are unbearable, right? 😫