Inspired by @Boogie
  1. Holding my 'water'
    Years of being held hostage at a desk as well as the road trip mantra, 'Can you wait till we get to the next rest stop?'
  2. Putting off dealing with my hair.
    Always trying to go one more day...
  3. Cooking.
    I'm really good at this. My secret? Over spice everything and make sure ingredients are fresh. Oh, and bake lots of cookies, brownies and candy. People think you're beyond amazing when you regularly bring goodies 🍪
  4. Making people believe my house is spotless. 😂
    Kinda feel bad when people apologize over their messy house, 'cause your house is SO clean!' Not really but thanks.
  5. Making sure my li.sts are chock full of pictures and GIFs.
    Some might say it's not a good thing but I believe in being thorough. Surprised I don't have more here? Lots of pictures don't automatically make a list good (perfect example-the one I posted earlier today-luscious pics, lousy
  6. Shamelessly avoiding my neighbors.
  7. Gift giving.
    Remembering what people like, what they need/don't need, what delights them and wrapping it up in a beautiful package. (This is just the start 😉)
  8. Keeping lifelong friends.
    Proud of this one so I'll brag a little. My oldest friend, I've known since second grade. My former co-worker friends still meet every other month for dinner. From junior high school BFFs to bridesmaids to band wives. ❤️💝❤️ you.
  9. Talking to the person who looks lonely.
    At a party, a meeting or anywhere people gather. Usually just getting them involved or introducing them around is all it takes.
  10. Financial planning.
    For myself and others. Tip: A man with a plan 💰
  11. Starting more projects than could ever be accomplished.
    BUT I still get a bunch of cool stuff done. Which includes all the reading & media viewing I can squeeze in-between making Halloween costumes & making bread. To lunching and going for walks to packing for our next vacation.
  12. Getting involved in local elections
    Friends think this is a big deal but it's really not. Sign up through your county, show up, work that day and feel good about yourself until the next election. THINGS YOU LEARN AT POLL WORKER TRAINING FOR PRIMARY ELECTION & 'WORKING THE POLL' LIST-ELECTION DAY POLL THAT IS
  13. Entertaining myself.
    I'm never bored when left to my own devices. No need to list all the things I'm into cause it's just about everything & anything.
  14. Taking pictures.
    So many pictures. So many albums. So much flicker. Thank you for creating digital images, you wonderful smart people.
  15. Wasting time.
    When you work for yourself, the money may not be as steady but ah, the blessed hours to think, to plan, to play and to