Guy Fieri grew up in Ferndale, a nearby town next to mine. He showed up there today! So pulling out a draft and adding today's local headline from Lost Coast Outpost. Inspired by @Jakes and https://li.st/l/1TKgFyyWsQwAMjx15YGOIn
  1. Momma Cozza's Italian, Anaheim, CA
    Used to go here before I moved away from SoCal. When Guy had an episode there, I had to go back. Linguine and clam sauce, red. Good as I remembered it. 👍🏼(my photo)
  2. Fisherman's Market, Eugene, OR
    A real fresh fish market that also cooks up their catch. Basically a To-Go set up with a few tables. Great fish & chips, crab, oysters and cool Cole slaw. 👍🏼 (also my photo)
  3. Humboldt Sweets, Ferndale, CA
    Since Guy is from Ferndale, it wasn't surprising to see one of his posters here. A good place for quiche, soup and the biggest slices of cake this side of a Cheesecake Factory. Cute place too with shabby chic decor, chandeliers and chalkboard signage. (My bad photo)
  4. Humboldt's favorite frosty tipped native!
    Takes a hike, buys a tee-shirt
  5. Guy's Tweet
    Visiting a local business, Humboldt Republic-clothing, not food related 😉
  6. Walkin' his dog.
    More tweets from today.
  7. Even The New Yorker magazine likes Guy!
    Saying he captures a "distinctly American spirit"
  8. Must have been a slow news day...
    Guy's shopping at Eureka Costco makes the news.
  9. Tommy's Joynt, San Francisco
    Hit up the ATM first. Cash only.
  10. Guy Fieri ate here and so did we.
    Hotel Ivanhoe in his hometown, Ferndale, CA