????? Conundrums, paradox or riddles ????
  1. If the words why, what, where, who follow a pattern, shouldn't how be 'wow'?
    Why What Where Who Wow!
  2. Why is the % and # on your iPhone keyboard waaayyy over there?
    And hidden behind the numbers screen. I'd ransom the $ & the ; in exchange.
  3. Shouldn't the address for Austin City Limits be 420 Willie Nelson Blvd,
    instead of 310 Willie Nelson Blvd?
  4. How do cobwebs form by themselves?
    In mid air. Up high.
  5. WHY do pimples appear on prominent facial areas right before a big event?
    Where many photos will be taken and disseminated indiscriminately 😁 Guess I should be happy they're not raging cold sores...
  6. where did all my bobby pins go?
    Suggested by @katrinacullingworth
  7. The struggle is real!
    @katrinacullingworth where DO they all go??