"A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants"-Chuckles. Side note: If you read them aloud, use your best limerick cadence 😉
  1. There once was a girl from the city, not only nice, she was pretty. She sat all day long, smoking weed from a bong, and declaring "I'm all that AND I'm witty"
  2. The list app is waiting for you, wasting time making drafts that won't do. You try them again, with ink and a pen and no matter what, they're still poo. 💩
  3. There once was an app so much fun, called li.st with new fans by the ton. I trended just once, now I feel like a dunce. All the newbies here clearly have won.
  4. There once was an app named list, it's content makes some people pissed. While someone gets mad, another is glad, but mostly your lists just get dissed.
  5. There are only few times you can list. Which is all day and night, get my gist? Barely get any sleep, tried not making a peep. Yikes, the suns coming up through the mist 😵.
    This one clearly not my best work-it was 3AM...
  6. With 59 drafts, I don't have any shortage of ideas—>>>