A bit of a downer li.st in my drafts, I just can't delete. Inspired by @DG
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    10% Cutting onions (for the stuffing)
    Guess I'm lucky. Can usually finish the job with minimum tearage.
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    Reading tributes, love letters and remembrances on li.st. 100%
    @DG This list got to me. ABOUT MY GRANDPA, ON HIS 85th BIRTHDAY Made me think of my grandparents, aunts and cousins, gone but not forgotten.
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    45% Happy but Sad then happy again movie 🎥
    Of The Notebook genre. Or Inside Out or Terms of Endearment or the ending of Amelie. You get the idea.
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    Losing Kobe, my precious cat 200%
    Cried for a month, it's been a year and it still hurts. A LIST ABOUT MY CAT FOR CAT PEOPLE WHO NEED CAT LISTS-An anniversary😿
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    My Mom 75%
    It's been 7 years so time and life's business makes tears less frequent. Things I'm JUST Beginning to Appreciate about My Mom RIP
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    Michael 999%
    A person very, very dear to me. ❤️ It's gotten better by about 1% over the years.
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    90% Hitting my little toe on the coffee table
    Almost guaranteed to wince, hobble and squeeze out a few salty tears 😭
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    The 80/20 Rule?
    It's really 95/5% -a HIGH ratio of happy to sad. I'd say the odds are 'mostly' in my favor ☺️
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    So on to better and brighter!
    Excited for this Holiday season. Li.st Secret Santa/list friends, parties, cocktails at the Inn and lots of fun with family! So much to be grateful for and I know it ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🦃