No where to be, no errands to run and I went to the grocery store yesterday.
  1. Wake up naturally.
    No alarms. My two cats silently sleeping near me, waiting for me to rouse. Both start a purring so blended you can't tell which is which. Fluffy cuddles for a few minutes before getting up.
  2. Standing date with my BBF, that glorious first cup of coffee.
    Prepared for launch the night before, one button pushed and ready for take off. My logical mind knows the mesmerizing cup of coffee can't be so very important but my emotions say, oh yes it is.
  3. Stay in PJs and robe for a few hours.
    Savor my coffee, read some li.sts, delete emails, read some newsletters, check again. Putter, make the bed. Have a few more cups of coffee. The house is quiet, no TV, audio books or podcasts.
  4. Take a shower.
    My perfect day is when my hair was freshly washed the day before and I don't HAVE to do anything with or to it! Yeah I said it. Hair is a lovely accessory but it takes up too much goddamn time.
  5. When it's going to be sunny not overcast all day. 🌤
    When temperatures rise inland, my town, though warm enough, typically is overcast. A mild, warm sunny day (like today!) is 👌.
  6. Doing chores isn't a bother when done on your own timetable.
    Sweeping of the deck, throwing in a load of laundry, emptying the dishwasher. Nothing seems like work when urgency and pressure are absent.
  7. Read a book. 📚
    You knew this had to be on the list. Read as long as I want. Maybe a podcast or a movie, or program. All in the same category-entertainment ala carte.
  8. Play with the cats, take a walk, snap some pictures...
    Maybe take a nap, though not usually on my list. Might drive up to my local (yes, Starbucks too) coffee place for a treat.
  9. Talk to a friend on the phone.
    My awesome friend, Rose, checks on me regularly cause she knows I morph into a hermit, if allowed to. Sometimes she'll suggest a walk or meet for lunch but on my perfect day, obligations are verboten.
  10. Get some sun.
    Not getting too in the weeds here but apparently it's very important for women especially to get 10 minutes of sun daily. True or not, who doesn't benefit from some rays from above! ☀️
  11. Be grateful.
    Never taking for granted the life we are so privileged to enjoy. Safety, comfort and having choices. Grateful? Very.
  12. Finally, write a about it.
    Of course 😉