Inspired by @elmospimpingme
  1. I'm a self employed Notary Public
    It's 100% legal, Taco notarized it. Self employed = more time to
  2. Made in Japan
    Conceived and born. Arigatou gozaimasu.
  3. I'd live in a hotel suite if I could afford it.
    You have your bed, bathroom, sitting room, daily maid service, fridge, microwave and oh crap, no kitchen-guess we have to go out to eat 🍴🍝
  4. Act like a girl.
    Dress me up, let me loose in a Sephora or get a mani-pedi with my BFFs and I'm in bliss.
  5. I probably won't admit I don't know something.
    But I will read, Google and study the shit out of whatever it is first.
  6. I will call you out IRL.
    But I generally will let things slide on these forums cause I don't know the whole story. Or you.
  7. Netflix says I have watched 876 DVDs. This isn't counting any streaming movies I've watched. I've reviewed/rated over 5k movies.
    Favs? Documetaries, thrillers, classics and rom-coms, pretty much in that order. Now I know where all my time went.
  8. My life was pretty much perfect until my dad had a heart attack.
    I was 10. My parents sold the house, we moved into an apartment complex - then as the money dwindled, we moved to progressively smaller apartments. I used to think people/school friends judged us for not having a house, They probably did but no one ever knows the whole story.
  9. Having and loving cats has been one of the BEST things about being alive.
  10. Eternal life would be fantastic.
    To be able to READ everything ever written, over and over again. To watch movies and historical film and Jeopardy. Of course, after a few eons, Jeopardy might not be that exciting anymore 🤔
  11. My favorite foods are mostly in the junk food category.
  12. "I always like to drink to World Peace"
    Always and forever, my #1 wish. If that were ever achieved, it would solve a multitude of other sub-problems as well. My #2 wish? For silky straight hair 😉