What makes us protective of some bugs and others, we can't kill fast enough-caveat here-list only applies to bugs INSIDE my house. Live & let live in nature
  1. Kill-Ants. I know they're the workhorses of the bug world but why are you guys in my shower?
  2. Save-Spiders. Got this from my Dad-we always took them outside. A clear drinking glass over top, slide a bit of paper underneath, release outside.
  3. KILL!!!-Fleas. I think I hate fleas more than just about any bug on the planet! (Although if I lived where they have this monstrosity https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dracunculus_medinensis it might be different...)
  4. Save-Bees. With the massive bee die off (colony collapse disorder) every precious bee should be saved. If you're allergic, I apologize
  5. Kill-Mosquitos. Why, oh why do they love me so much. I do not love you back.
  6. Save-Ladybugs 🐞
    Absolute, automatic and immediate SAVE! I might enjoy them for a bit before setting them free but yeah. I've bought them for my garden cause they like aphids-me, not so much.
  7. Kill-Yellow Jackets wasps
    In the 'kill' category but more accurately a 'run for your life' situation. I've seen yellow jackets feast on a roast beef sandwich. They will sting repeatedly. Avoid them like a bad boyfriend.
  8. Save-Butterflies, moths and dragonflies. This one is delicate-I do everything I can to guide them out or let them be. If you handle them too much, well it ruins the 'butterfly effect'
  9. Validation! I'm not weird for liking bugs. 🐞