I went out dancing tonight and had no moves.
  1. Cher's 'parting the Red Sea'
    I like to make an entrance. 😉 Not much body movement, mostly shoulders and neck. Smiles for everyone 👄
  2. The Electric Slide
    Giphy downsized medium
    Left foot forward, bend knee. Lean in lean back. Pivot, repeat. Solo with more clothes on.
  3. Prince 'Kiss' moves & shakes
    Hip swivels and what I call the 'oh my aching back' steps were easy to copy. I was obliged to keep my blouse on-you know patriarchy and all.
  4. Some Hula
    Lots of hip action and talking with my hands. Heyyyyyy. Add shoes and more clothes.
  5. Twerking for 37 seconds
    On a dare by another dancer! Again, I had more clothes on nor am I remotely Bey, Bae.
  6. Bruno Mars moves
    Some stomping, strutting and punching the air. Careful on crowded dance floors, I'm not looking to rumble.
  7. Random jumping around
    People think you're having a stoke.
  8. Call me Tina Sparkle
    Some salsa and fancy footwork. With more clothes.
  9. Single ladies neck action
    I'm looking at you Andy Samberg.
  10. The one I didn't do?
    The Carlton. It's not 1980 or Dancing with the Stars 😏
  11. I think I look like this...
    A graceful swan. With clothes.
  12. But I probably look like this.
    And I'm fine with that.