Create your own Anthropologie inspired knockoffs! After looking at these innovative and eye catching creations, NO one would guess it wasn't straight off the rack!!
  1. Orange is the New Crap Sweatshirt
    What the fashionable jail-birds are wearing this season. If you happen to be dating a Charlie Manson/Pelican Bay inmate, just smuggle one out on visiting day. Accessorize with some mules. 😉 Cost -a conjugal visit Savings $68.00
  2. Ripped Rip Off Jeans
    If I need to explain this DIY hack 🙄 Cost - $7.99 for box cutter Savings-$217.01
  3. The Good Earth Shiftdress
    Easily created by following these simple steps! Get a white sheet from your linen closet, draping over yourself, clipping at neck back. Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water. Attempt to bathe your cat and let the design evolve naturally. Cost - aggravation and bloodshed. Savings $178
  4. Berry Berry Boberry Shapeshifter Dress
    Make some strawberry or plum jam. Cranberry sauces work nicely as well. Stand next to stove as it bubbles all over everything, including your dress. Might not look like the loaded paintbrush design but that's also an option. Cost-copay for emergency room visit to treat 2nd degree burns Savings-$558
  5. Dalí Mustache Print Skirt
    Don't use zebras as an example. No. Channel Dalí's mustache and you're on your way. White thrift store skirt, various thicknesses of Sharpies and make a wearable work of art! Cost -$3.00 for skirt, $9.00 for Sharpies Savings-$236
  6. Cooks Corner Multi-Function Sweater
    Repurpose the Anthropologie sweater you paid a fortune for that accidentally ended up with shrunken sleeves. Find four contrasting colored pot holders, sewing two together for two sleeves. Sew to sweater. So useful for getting cookies out of the oven or warming hands as you scrape ice off the car.
  7. Hillbilly Hem Culottes
    I got the same design effects when I attempted to change my own car battery!! You can get matching shoes at the same time. Cost-your dignity Savings-$128
  8. Easy Peasy Jumper
    This will go together in a jiffy. One fitted sheet, any color, use your seam ripper to loosen the elastic so you have four ends. Lay the sheet on the floor in an hourglass shape. Step over it, pull up both sides and tie at shoulders. Instant haute couture 👗 Cost-minor side-eye humiliation (hey, these plebs don't know fashion) Savings-$98
  9. Pretty Posies Poncho
    You'll need two king size pillow cases. Rip the seams, two sides of each. Sew top together, leaving opening for your head, creating a boat neck. No need to add fringe immediately. Every washing will create more fringe until you haven't much left and you can later use it to dust your furniture. Cost-nil Savings $98
  10. Not Your Grandma's Afghan Pullover
    Yeah, actually it is. Don't ever make this, please. No one under 70 should be allowed to wear a crocheted throw masquerading as clothing 🤦🏼‍♀️
  11. Anthropologie, Manhattan
    On first counter as you enter the store! Feeling completely reassured and vindicated -This item is an afghan with sleeves.