Dream Journal

Inspired by @finny_in_space Wish I had started this a few weeks ago-my dreams lately have been maybe the best run of color, detail and frivolity. Famous people wander in and out, I have grand schemes and inhabit buildings with many rooms. I'm still taking Ambien nightly so not sure what is happening. I forget dreams SO quickly so it starts today.
  1. 5.24.17 I was back at my old bank job, finishing the ATM card set up where the customer chooses and enters his new PIN code. Only I entered MY code instead.
    Realizing and planning to fix it but before having the chance, I was apprehended by two people who made me use the outside ATM. I told them the card I had was MINE not a temp card. It worked, they let me go but only I knew it wasn't and felt smart and cunning I was able to pull it off. Before I woke up tho I was already mentally processing how to get my customers new card corrected and mailed. 🏦💳
  2. 5.27.17 Whoa. Where do I start? The first thing that popped in my head this morning was I just dreamed about @karlalucia. This is out of context-she had her black glasses on-she was wearing a long white dress with a high collar pleated fluted sort of thing was there with family. I think that's because I saw her Instagram feed. We talked and she
    walked into a huge dining room. And I yelled after her, 'you could dye it and wear it again'! Typical. I was in line at the ATM & put my card in but it wasn't your typical pin number it was like eight digits & when you messed up, three little TV screens started playing above your head and one of them was dialing in to the person who's going to help you. Behind me in line was David from The Office but it wasn't David from the office it was a customer I used to work with the bank when I worked
  3. there. He said he used to not like these things but now realized how convenient they are and I agreed with him-we used to get push back on ATMs all the time. And I remember telling the people behind him you know there's two ATMs you can use. After I got that worked out I went to the restaurant next-door with my girlfriend who I go to Disney with
    and the girl at the counter was a Lister I never see anymore on li.st, @JAFred97 and we talked about how she forgot my dessert in my to go order, and she said I was helping you with your portion control. 😉 There's so much more but since this is probably only interesting to me, I'll leave it here. My main take away is why am I dreaming about ATM cards and PIN codes. I literally never think about my old job when I'm awake. Calling Dr. Freud.