The people who inhabit the space in MY Facebook feed....
  1. The Daily/Hourly Inspirational Quote facebooker
  2. Humble brag friend
    Complainers are more popular dyk
  3. The Sports Fanatic
    No pics of the kids, pets or vacation. No this person is the 24 hour sports fanatic
  4. The "My Nationality Defines Me" person
    I'm Irish, I'm Indian, I'm Australian, etc. I read an article talking about Mario Batali saying, we get it Mario, you spent a lot of time in Italy, stop saying it everyday. That's kinda like these people.
  5. The animal video people
    Cats. Cats & parakeets. Cats & Pomeranians. Cats and babies. Llamas, meerkats, deer, and pot bellied pigs. And a few lone dogs. (Some are pretty sweet, I'll admit but too many & it loses its impact).
  6. Throw Back Thursday regular
    Full disclosure: I have done a few myself
  7. The Vague-splainer
    "I can't believe it happened!!" What happened, we're not mind readers.
  8. The "Like" Withholders
    I mean, we met the President and THAT doesn't get a lousy like??
  9. The Normal One-a few others & me.
    No repetitive 'genre' posts, rare/occasional photos of my cat, house or husband. Photo Albums of vacation, only posted after organized so not to bore everyone in the process. A restaurant or concert 'check-in' once a week, not breakfast, lunch and dinner.