It's official, I'm des dechéts. Sound lovely, oui?
  1. De rigueur
    That's the way we roll.
  2. Joie de vivre
  3. Au contraire
    Ain't nobody got time for that.
  4. Bonne Chance
    Well, Good luck with that.
  5. Pièce de résistance
    Shiznit or crunkest
  6. En route
    I left 5 minutes ago 🤥
  7. Cache
    You can put your weed in there.
  8. Dossier
    The 'Assange' dirt collection
  9. Coup de grâce
    Any song from Bey's Lemonade
  10. Bon mots
    Pithy smartassery eg Twitter
  11. Apropos
    Nailed it!!
  12. Douche
    Same in English
  13. Deja vu
    Been there/done that @BlueSeaGlass 😉
  14. Sacré bleu!
    Attention: This cartoon character is French.
  15. Prix fixe
    Price fixing. In a good way.
  16. Faux pas