Stop me if you've heard this one before...Warning to sensitive souls-profanity ahead.
  1. Paul Anka-"The guys get shirts"
    Not Lorelei Gilmore's dog. Paul Anka, the singer.
  2. Chris Berman-"Has no one worked on TV before?"
    Had never seen him lose his cool-let 'em have it Chris!
  3. Bill O'Reilly-"We'll do it live!"
    Bill O'Reilly goes nuts-maybe more than he usually does.
  4. Chick from Sephora - Why I Quit Working at Sephora
    1,463, 372 views. This one is super long but I was so mesmerized by this girl, I watched the whole thing once it started.
  5. Christian Bale-"Good for YOOOU"
    Lots of profanity. Lots of yelling. Pretty funny.
  6. Michael Strahan-Giants' Strahan Sounds Off
    Getting crap from the press for losing 3 games in a row but he doesn't let her get away with it.
  7. Watch this first-Jerry Seinfeld encapsulates The Buddy Rich tapes.
    Buddy Rich was a famous drummer who was around before you were born. If you don't find Jerry's description enough to make you want to listen, then skip right past to Christian Bale.
  8. The Buddy Rich Tapes
    Musicians have the best rants. According to Mr. Rich, he works his balls off. Gratuitous profanity. Enjoy.
  9. That's enough for tonight