Gifts I brought back to coworkers from my vacations

Idea for list inspired by @tamboosh Going on vacation when you manage a small army of 20 somethings is stressful enough, i.e. will they burn the place down while I'm gone? (They were always amazing BTW). But picking out the perfect (and not too expensive) trinket? That's stressful
  1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™
    $6.95 (This is how much I paid in 2012-they're now $24!!) BIG hit! Harry Potter fever had infected everyone, young & old
  2. Hawaiian shirt note pads
    $3.99 OMG these were so cute. Found these in Maui
  3. Disneyland charm bracelet
    $12.95. I really splurged on these!! Beyond adorable, got one for myself and one each for the princesses in my realm 👸🏼 Can't remember what I got the guys...
  4. Pen from Dallas
    $2.95 each...I wanted to bring something back but I had 12 people to buy for and it adds up!
  5. Scarves from Paris
    They were 3 for €10. Ok, cheap you say but really pretty I got one for myself. But don't get too close to an open flame
  6. Hollywood Walk of Fame Keychain
    $3.99 Who doesn't need another keychain? 😁
  7. Alaska Flag Charm
    Can't remember price-looked just like this. Got this for a few select friends- I was only a worker bee then.