A parody. Coming soon to your local bookstores, amazon and audible. In my dreams.
  1. Giddy Up Girl
    Recently discovered but unfinished manuscript by Louis L' Amour. Historical novel about Annie Oakley and her relationship with Belle Starr. Were they just BFFs or was it more? Early reviews were mixed. On the day of publication, an 5.9 earthquake occurred, epicenter Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery due to the author rolling over in his grave.
  2. Girl with the Funny Hat
    Coffee table book. Photo journal starting with Princess Beatrice of York's 15 minutes of fame as a guest at the Royal Wedding. Having peaked at the age of 23, she has donned assorted hats since 2011 attempting to trend once more, though unsuccessfully. Will be relatable mainly to li.st app community and fading pop stars. Already in the bargain book section.
  3. Girl, Continued
    484,001 word essay/rant by Tiffany Brittany Walker. Transcribed from a butt dialed voice mail message, 2008. Topics include a tirade against Benefit discontinuing Ms. Walker's favorite lipstick color (Blood Orange Red) the price increase of an acrylic nail fill and Ashley Tisdale's nose job. Critics hailed it as "deeply moving tranche de vie".
  4. Girl on the Moon
    By Anonymous. A fictionalized true story of one woman's relationship with Andy Kaufman who she met while wresting him for split of the door. A true love match-"made in heaven and consummated at Motel 6".
  5. Girl on a Sofa
    Tell-all memoir about one girl's casting couch saga. Names not changed to out the guilty. Currently 18 pending lawsuits. Lovely pictures of divans, couches and sofas. Two versions available-sofa only photos or with 'in flagrante delicto' illustrations due to actual 'audition' tapes in court custody.
  6. Girl on Fire
    Humor. Joan of Arc biography as told by her horse. Variety article today disclosed book had been optioned for a film and is already in production. A History Channel docu-dramedy starring BoJack Horseman in his comeback as 'The Steed'. @jesseno will do the soundtrack, having been chosen over Danny Elfman. Actress search for Joan still ongoing but producers agree choice must be a hottie.
  7. Girl on a Boat
    Novella of the movie 'Overboard' written by Kate Hudson as homage to film role created by her mother, Goldie Hawn. "Very funny retelling, exactly like the movie!!" said the Newport News Times, OR. Kurt Russell part reimagined as Andy Samberg-like character who also sings the 'I'm on a Boat' intermittently throughout the book as a book title/soundtrack tie-in. Yeah, Motherf#%*ers.