Behind the music. Inspired by Saucy Album Covers They Kept in the Backroom-Ranked and comment from @Gola - thanks for jogging this memory.
  1. I became the new manager of the old bank.
    When you're a new manager, you go around to all the businesses in the area and introduce yourself.
  2. One of our customers owned the local record store. It became a refuge.
    When you're the manager, being in the break room does NOT stop your staff from interrupting. The record store was right across the street so I went there occasionally just to leave the building.
  3. Got to know the owner.
    Nice guy. Sort of a hippie, long ponytail, t-shirts with Rolling Stones or Jethro Tull album covers on them. Knew everything about music and had a story for all his merchandise. Kinda shy around me but sometimes I don't shut up 🤐 so I just wrote it off as the reason.
  4. He started to come in himself to make the daily deposits.
    Before he used to send one of his employees. So we chatted-part of the job, making personal connections. We had a good rapport. I enjoyed talking to him but kept it professional.
  5. I still went over to the store to browse.
    They specialized in mostly vintage vinyl, buying entire collections so always something new. (I didn't even own a turntable then) Always awesome albums in stock and in window displays. Didn't just loiter but usually had him order new CDs.
  6. So one day, I see this in the window display.
    He got it in a recent acquisition and of course it goes in the window-I mean, look at it! Can't recall the conversation but said I admired it, etc. & we talked about Herb Albert and his career as a musician, producer and record label executive. (He's the A in A & M records)
  7. You probably know where this is going.
    Being an admirer of something doesn't always mean you want to own it but a few days later, he brings it in. "I know how much you liked this and I want you to have it". I gave the usual response, no I couldn't take it, I'll pay for it, yada yada. But he insisted. 😬 I took it home & tucked it in my closet.
  8. Still cordial, still friendly but didn't want to give the wrong impression.
    Maybe the store visits were too frequent or I was TOO friendly or ?? Anyway...
  9. There was a management opening back in my town.
    I was anxious to be close to home-home for lunch, only needing 3 minutes to drive to work instead of 20, saving money on gas (it was around $5 a gallon then ⛽️) So I applied and was transferred.
  10. The second week back at my old branch, I got a visitor.
    The record store guy. He came over to my desk (didn't sit down) and said "You disappeared. I came in to say, goodbye and make sure you were alright."
  11. I haven't seen him since 🎈