Social Networks are wonderful-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have all delightfully sucked up MAJOR chunks of time. And now there's'm doomed
  1. I pretty much LIKE everybody's lists!
    Funny, well thought out, educational and some offerings get you right in the gut.
  2. I'm an oversharer
    Too much talking/rambling/analyzing but I'm learning to reign it in.
  3. Sometimes I have to admit people are much funnier than me (and I think I'm hilarious)
  4. I feel I have to comment on all the lists I like
    See # 1
  5. A tendency to encourage NEW li.sters
    and I'm new here myself 🙃 Not sure why
  6. Who could imagine there could be SO many things to about
    I currently have 37 drafts with ideas
  7. I could NEVER submit a list of one or two items
    Again, I don't know why but now I see it's a real 'thing' here maybe I'll reconsider. And it would have to be good on more than 3 levels
  8. When Listers Gripe About Something, It Gets In My Head...
    One list about ellipses and another about sentence case-both were so noted... Thanks @zacHL & @k8mcgarry but if I falter, be kind
  9. Checking listers # of followers
    Ok, call me shallow but if I see a lot of likes for a mediocre offering (they can't all be masterpieces-just keeping it real), Or maybe it's loyalty or familiarity. That's actually awesome, if so!
  10. Wanting to be liked, be relevant and be included.
    Like most humans everywhere
  11. Best of all?
    I have the most fun trying to find the perfect pic or gif!!!