What could have been. Inspired by @rachellewis BERNIE TOLD US THIS WOULD HAPPEN
  1. Back in June, I worked at a voting precinct in Northern California for the Primary election.
    Though I'd been a poll worker and inspector in past elections, things had changed. Ballots are scanned at the ballot box, the ePoll machine spit out bar codes, among other things.
  2. A li.st Election timeline/point of reference.
    THINGS YOU LEARN AT POLL WORKER TRAINING FOR PRIMARY ELECTION As I re-read this li.st written back in May, before we got to where we are today, I said, why do we have the Electoral College instead of the popular vote. And then here's what the Primary election was like. 'WORKING THE POLL' LIST-ELECTION DAY POLL THAT IS
  3. The Primary had a distinctly different vibe.
    People were so excited. Bernie Sanders was by FAR the 'Man of the Hour' at least in my area. Senator Sanders got 68% of the vote in Humboldt County.
  4. First time voters were excited to have a candidate whose concerns mirrored their concerns.
    But when he lost the nomination to Hillary, though he endorsed her, the energy & excitement dissipated for so, so many people. Even though Secretary Clinton was loved by many, she had her detractors for the email server issue, Benghazi, as well as grudges (real or imagined) going back many years.
  5. Fast forward to 11-8-16 Voters clearly had their minds made up. Many people had Trump buttons and hats which we had to ask them to remove.
    One of the things we are asked to do, is have people cover up or remove shirts, buttons etc. so as not to influence or guilt other voters. As I was giving a ballot to this gorgeous, gray haired woman, she surreptitiously unzipped her jacket to show me her 'Nasty Woman' t-shirt. I gave her a wink. She zipped back up and went to vote. But even though Humboldt County went mainly with Hillary, Trump supporters were more visible & outspoken.
  6. Too many choices to ponder.
    Time magazine columnist, Joel Stein (also an inactive li.ster @joelstein ) wrote this about how many things we're asked to vote on now. Topical and funny. http://time.com/4556033/there-is-such-a-thing-as-too-much-voting/
    If anyone requested a Vote by Mail or Absentee Ballot and decided they wanted to VOTE IN PERSON (or it was spoiled/marked incorrectly), you still voted as anyone else but the ballot went in a provisional ballot envelope. This prevents anyone from voting twice.
  8. Once the polls have closed, the ballots are removed and counted. The totals MUST match the tape showing the scanned ballots, from the ballot box.
    Polls close at 8PM and we have until 9PM to count and lock up the ballots for the armored security to transport to the election office. As I counted, you can't help but see the write in candidates...still SO many wrote in Bernie 🤔
  9. Even more liberal California had a lot of red.
    Although Hillary did well in California, Trump had more support than expected. Sometimes third party candidates funnel off votes from one party or another but it was negligible in CA.
  10. Final thoughts.
    I'm glad I was able to do what I could but in hindsight, I wish I'd had more faith in an unknown contender. When I feel more aligned with a third party candidate, I wish I could feel more confident in casting my vote. I'll speak out more often and engage with those I disagree. I'm not sure what got us to where we are today but in four years, I won't give up with out a fight.