Inspired by @clairerapuano
  1. Giphy
    Publicly telling anyone who will listen that you not only love the show but have a major crush on Aiden Turner.
  2. Read a by the always scintillating @jennifergster LOCH NESS MONSTER!!!!!
    about her summer plans to visit the United Kingdom, with trips to Cornwall, where the show is filmed. Mention Poldark and she puts on her to-do "Kidnap Poldark for @angela3950 ✔️"
  3. Spend a Saturday afternoon watching Rick Steves Europe when 😳, he goes to Cornwall!!
    Be a geek, take a photo of the show from your TV and post it to Instagram.
  4. Then tag Jennifer, natch, and wait for all the best people to like your post. ❤️
    And she's so lovely, not only is she kidnapping Poldark for me, she'll also send me a postcard! 📫
  5. OMG!! 👀👀👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼🙋🏼
    Though Mr. Steves likely has minions to 'like' anything he's tagged in, I was happy nevertheless.
  6. As Rick says at the end of his show, "Keep on traveling!"
    And I always do what I'm told 😉Cheers! 🇬🇧