How to Make a 14,411 ft Mountain Disappear

It's easy. Just be us. But we made it work.
  1. We're sort of traveling rainmakers.
    We bring rain wherever we go. Having a drought? Haven't had rain in 5 months? Let me take a stab at it.
  2. Just some examples...
    During a week in NY, Empire State Building skipped after two attempts. Flagstaff? Rain & snow IN JUNE! One day set aside for Disneyland, rained the entire day we were there. A week in Oahu? Rained everyday, hurricane rain. (I bought my umbrella in Hawaii) Paris? 2 1/2 hours in the rain waiting to get into the Musee de'Orsy. London-of course rain. New York in 2016? Rained. Canada-rain but not too bad. Wedding in Fort Worth? RAIN!! Thought our jinx was over but noooooo.
  3. Crater Lake
    Things going well. Snow was still on the ground and also was forecast but none fell.
  4. Crater Lake
    Turn to the left.
  5. Another angle..
    Turn to the right. Gorgeousness everywhere you look.
  6. Had dinner in a restaurant with pine trees growing in the middle of the room 🌲
    Pine Tavern-Bend, Oregon
  7. On to Smith Rock
    Volcanic activity created this erie place. No rain!!!
  8. A river but, so far, no rain.
    You can see Mt. Hood and Mt Baker from Smith Rock.
  9. View of the Cascades from lookout point at Smith Rock.
    The Cascade Range or Cascades is a mountain range of western North America, extending from British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California. It
  10. More of natures bounty 🍁
    Anyone want some Bubble Gum?
  11. Where we're headed
    This is going to be amazing!!
  12. Mt. Rainier is the highest peak in the Cascade Range.
    We drove 10 hours to get here. Here's a picture in case we don't see it this clearly. (Not my picture) It looks beautiful!
  13. Entrance to the lodge where we stayed.
    I was coveting the chandelier so much- probably took 10 pictures of it ✨✨ Nisqually Lodge, 6 miles from park entrance.
  14. Mt. Rainier 14,411 ft
    And this is what we saw. Completely obscured. There's a bit of the snowy base. We stayed all day and it rained all day. Gave up about 3pm. We did see ➡️⬇️
  15. 🍂🍁🍂🍁
    Fall Colors appeared randomly.
  16. Christine Falls
    Within Mt. Rainier National Park and a easy, short hike from the road.
  17. The rain made everything magical.
  18. Hello Kitty Umbrellas
    Things you don't expect to see on a hike.
  19. Hike to Narada Falls.
    The mist swirling up from the falls was more intense than the rain.
  20. Narada Falls
    Me & my 🌂
  21. Wildlife.
    Not afraid but then we're not very threatening either.
  22. 'Shrooms
    Pretty but poisonous? Anyone out there know their wild mushrooms? 😳
  23. Rainbows
    Then more rain, then a few more rainbows 🌈
  24. Grants Pass, OR
    'it's the climate' but not the motels 'Mad Man Era' Motel Survival Tips
  25. Rain all the way home.
    On Interstate 5, Salem, OR
  26. A shot of our famous redwoods.
    This picture doesn't begin to capture the stunning beauty of the park. This was a shot from the car!
  27. Crescent City beach
    An hour and a half from flopping on the Casper 🛌
  28. Home sweet home 🏡
    Goodnight you princes of California, you kings of the Northwest.