I Like my Financial Planners Like I Like my Coffee 💰

You can keep your man/child. I want someone to give me the boost I need daily, monthly and ultimately forever. Trust funds don't spend themselves.
  1. Fresh and full bodied
    No more stale Wall Street ideas. Investment reps are all in their 20's right now. Fresh brewed ideas for a new day. (Are you coming on to me?)
  2. With rich whole milk
    Give me the no load mutual fund baby. No watered down 2% for me. Full 4% is always tastier with a better return.
  3. A individualized blend for maximizing richness.
    Like coffee, a blended investment portfolio performs better. Softens the bitter notes and bolsters occasional instability.
  4. A smooth finish.
    Like that last sip of your cuppa Joe, your financial planner can help make it good to the last drop.
  5. Mo money, mo coffee.