I'm Angela and Here's what I Believe

Inspired by @justjills
  1. You can get by on 4 hours sleep.
    Watch me, watch me
  2. I'm a good person for keeping my cats indoors.
    They look so longingly out the window but I'm doing it for their own good 😼
  3. I also absolutely, positively believe(d) I would win the Hamilton lottery.
    @nalivodka Good luck to you, I couldn't wait any longer.
  4. I believe self employment can be the best decision any person could ever make.
    The freedom to set up your life as you choose. You know you could refuse work but you don't. But you COULD.
  5. I believe life would be so sad without my morning cups of coffee.
    If my morning cups of coffee were unavailable due to a world wide collapse, I believe I would need counseling. It gently entices me out of bed in the morning. It's almost sensual.
  6. I believe li.st participation is one more learning opportunity on my road to Jeopardy and eventual world domination.
    Except I regret taking the assessment test after 3 beers 😝
  7. I believe I will eventually learn to speak Spanish.
    I've only had Rosetta Stone for a year so there's still hope
  8. I believe most of the places you or anyone lived growing up, look like dumps when go back.
    But the beautiful part is the waves of nostalgia you're feeling soften the harsh reality of what you're seeing. #sierrafilter
  9. I believe the last place you look, is always where the thing you've lost, is found. It could be even be yourself 😉