I should be packing but need a stress break. ⏳ Indulge me, you ticking time bomb ⏳
  1. Imyellingkimbre
  2. Shitheadsteveo
  3. Daughter_Of_Zeus
    Be my muse.
  4. Greenteabagging
    Is this dirty talk?
  5. Laughingoutloudexclamationmark
    My kind of gram-er
  6. Shutupaboutthesun
    Said the moon.
  7. Notlovingfinals
    Very specific but stillpayingstudentloans might be more on point.
  8. Dandraff
    Your name? I'm sorry.
  9. zerocarisma
    Wouldn't say that. I noticed.
  10. Holyshnit
  11. Legallycluelessmeangirl
    You so clever.
  12. Anybody want a peanut? 😘
  13. Bonkersformemes
    You just thought of that meme, from that guy you just remembered who said that meme. That's bonkers.