🎉🍰🎉🍰 It's National CAKE Day 🎉🍰🎉🍰

Me likey cake even better than ice cream 😋😋😋 Inspired by my li.st 🎉🍦🎉🍦 It's National Ice Cream Day 🎉🍦🎉🍦
  1. National Cake Day is celebrated November 26 every year.
    That's today November 26, 2016
  2. Today is also Small Business Saturday
    This is the anti-Black Friday shopping day to counteract all the bad juju from insanity day after Thanksgiving.
  3. Of Cake & Calories
    The eternal struggle. But if you only indulge one day a year? Nah, that's not going to happen. It's a national holiday created by cake illuminati, syndicate or cartel. This drug goes down soooo easy 😯
  4. Cake
    The band. I have all their stuff thru Comfort Eagle. Maybe I should get more Cake to celebrate today.
  5. Cake by the Ocean
    Cake that isn't cake at all 😜
  6. Cake Pops
    They are so cute, so alluring, so adorable. Unfortunately I've never had one that tasted good 😬
  7. Let us all eat cake!
    No matter who actually said it 🎂😉