Only 5 here...there are more but I blocked them out 😵 Inspired by @kaitmaree
  1. A conference call
    10,000 people on the call. Having met a huge customer satisfaction goal, I was 'rewarded' by explaining my best practices. Gee thanks for a really messed up kind of recognition
  2. Two back wheels off a cliff
    Almost drove off an unpaved road in a new hillside housing development. It was pitch dark as no street lights had been installed yet. I still don't know how I survived.
  3. Traveling for work & was convinced I was going to be murdered.
    Found myself stuck in Clearlake, CA. (Bad weather again ⚡🌧️💨) I was starving. Two places were open at 11pm-mini mart & a pizza place. Opted for pizza and no shit, everyone in there looked like combinations of Freddy Kruger, Jason and Leather Face. It was straight out of a horror movie. Some interaction, kept it cool. Note to self: Never order spaghetti & garlic bread, it takes 10 minutes to cook!! Get a salad & get out.
  4. A plane ride in a hellacious thunderstorm
    In a small, 76 seater plane over the Sierras. Intermittent turbulence is one thing...unrelenting is altogether different. Spectacular light show though, no extra cost.
  5. Midnight BEAR encounter
    Backpacking in Yosemite, you learn about bear behavior prior to your trip. After setting up camp, you figure out where to hang the food pack. Roped, between two trees. Check. 😴 I'm sound asleep, my husband says, there's a bear CLIMBING the tree where our food is hanging. I'll distract it-RUN into the lake! I take off, soon up to my knees in water, about ready to piss my pants. No, I wasn't attacked but I didn't sleep the rest of the night. 😳